Cartoon Illustration of Cartoonist Simon Ellinas drawing himself

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Cartoon Illustration of Cartoonist Simon Ellinas drawing himselfCartoon and Caricature Illustration

HELLO AND WELCOME to my new site devoted to cartoon and caricature illustration. Every publication exists for a specific purpose with the main intention of delivering some form of informative content to the reader.

Once the words or text is decided and slapped down, you then start thinking about how to make the newspaper or website page more interesting to persuade your readers/visitors to peruse the whole article.

Photography is the first thought, be it a headshot of a personality mentioned in the piece or perhaps just a stock image loosely connected to the editorial. And, of course, this is fine in many cases. But sometimes, the type of article or feature demands something a little more eye-catching and original. Something that will succinctly encapsulate the journalist’s thoughts/words without resorting some bland photographic filler. And it doesn’t have to be a humorous article in order to justify including a cartoon illustration. Many’s the time my artwork has livened up pages of serious, dry financial statistics, pharmaceutical reviews and interviews with business leaders.

Cartoon illustration can be topical or satirical, making a unique comment on events, or it can simply be a straight representation but rendered in aHipsters Cereal cafe Cartoon satisfyingly comic, cartoony way. The world of journalism is replete with opinion pieces and interviews with personalities/celebrities. A lot of these are very suitable for illustrating with a caricature to reflect the personality of the subject and the graphic image makes a huge change from the standard photographic headshot.

Casricature of Whispering Bob Harris in a theoretical Magazine spreadThere is an increasing number of places suitable for cartoon and caricature illustration these days. Many newspapers appreciate the inclusion of “newspaper-style” illustrations and the magazine stands are still full of publications with illustrated features. Online, the number of websites and blogs keeps growing with their owners keen to make their sites stand out from the rest. My cartoon and caricatures can help you to do this. All you have to do is CONTACT ME with details of requirements and I will get back you very swiftly with a rough idea of the illustrations I could do for you.

In the meantime you might like to peruse my galleries: Caricature Illustrations or Cartoon Illustrations. There is more of my work at

Also, I draw caricatures from photos, many of which you can see here.



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