Pencil Sketch Caricatures

Pencil sketch caricature of singer Debbie Harry as BlondiePENCIL SKETCH CARICATURES are always a stage in the production of a finished caricature illustration. Often they are simply loose line references for the final ink application but often they become the finished artwork themselves.

Pencil sketch art has a long history with well-known proponents including Leonardo da Vinci and Pablo Picasso.

As a relatively modern cartoon and caricature artist, I am drawn(!) to the purity and simplicity of sketching with pencils on paper. You can do it virtually anywhere with any pencil on any sort of paper. I have often been in the habit of drawing caricature and cartoon illustrations in pencil on trains, in caf├ęs and on beaches.

As an alternative to the tighter look of my other style, cross-hatched pen an ink drawings, pencil sketch caricature illustrations make wonderful adornments to all sorts of newspapers, magazines, websites and publications.

If you have an enquiry about using these in your publication, please CONTACT ME NOW!

I hope you enjoy the gallery.

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