Caricatures of Actors

Caricatures of actors: Leonard Nimoy as Mr Spock in Star TrekAS A CARICATURIST and movie fan, it seems perfectly natural to try to encapsulate the likenesses of the famous in caricatures of actors.

There are a lot of interesting faces in the acting profession. from Leonard Nimoy as Mr Spock in Star Trek (left) to Miriam Margolyes of the TV seriesĀ  The Real Marigold Hotel.

A lot of the photos available on Google Photos are of the carefully-posed and made-up variety and as a result not much use to caricaturists. A good photo of a celebrity should show the shape of the nose and cheeks and have some contrast in the shadows to avoid a flat, washed out look. Often, magazines and newspapers are still a valuable resource where news stories can be accompanied by more spontaneous photos taken by the paparazzi. Here I am making my excuses in advance for some results with these caricatures of actors that I might not be completely happy with! I hope you enjoy the gallery below.

CONTACT ME if you have any enquiries or if you edit a magazine where caricatures might be a good idea!

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