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London Cartoonist and Caricaturist Simon Ellinas.

Latest cartoon illustration in the Daily Mail newspaper:

Cartoon Gravy Train in the Daily Mail in July 2020

THE BRIEF was to illustrate an article for the Daily Mail’s City and Finance pages about bosses of top UK companies awarding themselves massive pay rises and share options. Hence the ‘Gravy Train’ imagery.





Cartoon and caricature Illustration for magazines Cartoon and caricature Illustration includes caricatures of Boris Johnson Cartoon and caricature Illustration includes Caricature Gift from Photo for Birthday Present As well as Cartoon and caricature Illustration I like Painting I Don't Know Much About Art

Cartoon and caricature  Illustration for newspapers, magazines, websites, books, advertising and promotions!

Caricature Illustrations
Caricatures for newspapers, magazines, websites, books and advertising!

Caricatures from Photos
Caricatures drawn from your photos as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries or weddings; single and groups!

Paintings: Portrait commissions and abstract oil paintings available to buy and to commission. View my gallery!

Cartoon and caricature illustrations as seen in The Daily Mail, Business Matters, The Week, ITV London News, BBC and many more!

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Cartoon and Caricature Illustration for many uses!

CARTOONS AND CARICATURES have been used for at least a couple of centuries where more straightforward images simply didn’t tell the entire story. From satirical paintings to political pamphlets, these illustrations have strived to ‘paint a thousand words’ in order to flesh out the matters or events being portrayed in society, magazines, newspapers and books.

These days, a lucky few cartoonists have regular positions in the broadsheets and tabloids of countries around the world. There they can make their voices heard by adding colour and depth to the day’s issues in very graphic satire in the form of topical cartoon and caricature illustration. I have been lucky enough to have been commissioned many times for some of these publications but most of my work comes from businesses and individuals who need illustrations in their company magazines or books that they are publishing.

This website aims to give you an all-round view of my work as a cartoonist and caricaturist and, in spite of being based in London, the internet gives me the power to provide illustrations for you wherever you are in the world. Please take a look at the galleries and LET ME KNOW if I can do anything for you!

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